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 This campaign stands entirely on the side of students and teachers who will be most impacted by endorsed bills by the incumbent such as the J-1 Bill which seeks to take away community control of education to the benefit of charter school profiteers. And by last count-according to the Florida Times Union local city leaders seek a per pupil basis for maintenance funding needs of our schools.  This would amount to a giant swindle of public education dollars for private charter schools.  Jacksonville’s students deserve well maintenance schools, smaller class sizes, and an education without religious interference.  


Teachers in Florida are some of the lowest paid in the nation.  Many teachers tell the story of how they often have to use their own money on their classroom needs to ensure their students are getting the education they deserve.  Teachers are also paying some of the highest fees for licensing and certifications that; coupled with the low pay and out of pocket expenses creates massive shortages of teachers in Florida.  To build the most brilliant and confident generations of tomorrow we have to begin investing in our teachers and ensure that every child has the best educational environment that they can get.

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