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With healthcare being a big issue of debate for many Americans it brings into question our values and how we care not just for ourselves, family and friends, but also our neighbors.  From the moment we are born to the moment we die we all will participate in the healthcare marketplace, and a healthy society is a productive society.  Connell Crooms believes and supports federal progressive legislative proposals such as Medicare-for-ALL and would fight for universal healthcare in Congress.  More than 60% of bankruptcies in America are because of medical debt and Florida has some of the highest medical debt and uninsured rates in the country.  When so many Jacksonville residents are poor and working three jobs to get by they are often faced with the reality of having to choose between paying their rent or falling behind on their medical debt. By finally making corporations pay their fair share and investing in community health centers will we ensure that every person has a right to unfettered universal healthcare access.

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