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disability rights & language accessibility

This is campaign is committed to the struggle for human rights and we need to address the shortcomings of the ADA laws as it relates to not only the discrimination that intersectional disabled people face but also the need to normalize accessibility everywhere in an inclusive democracy.

As a person with a disability himself Connell Crooms has long fought to expand Disability Rights and language equity in the workplace and public spaces.  Democracy only works when everyone can participate in it, which is why upon seating in the House Crooms will work to file legislation that expands Medicaid/Medicare in the State of Florida and strengthen ADA compliance and propose major reforms.

 Crooms will also propose that the State of Florida adopt “Lead-K” legislation that focuses on language equality and acquisition for deaf and hard of hearing children in early education so that they may have a fair opportunity to succeed alongside their hearing peers and the workplace upon graduation.  In addition, we will also amend the Hate Crimes Bill to also include expanded protections for disabilities and gender identity. 

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